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KinderRanch & RanchSchool

KinderRanch for ages 4, 5, 6 and RanchSchool for ages 7-11 is a 9 month academic year-long program in which kids learn leadership and life skills by way of working on a ranch. Working with the ranch livestock including horses, chickens, sheep, a Texas Longhorn cow named Abby, ducks, and a donkey named Tommy as well as doing all things ranch-oriented is a normal day in life on the ranch. The learn-by-doing method allows for very hands-on experiences that instill such life skills as work ethic, teamwork, perseverance, communication, problem solving, independence, and community to name a few.

Leadership and life skills go hand in hand with our daily work. Although kids arrive wide-eyed and nervous in September, by January they know what it takes to get their jobs done and they have a bit more strut as they move around the ranch! The growth and change from young kids who “couldn’t” to young kids who “can” is astounding. Kids grow in confidence and in self-esteem.

A typical day for KinderRanch & KidsRanch begins with speech class and/or gratitude journals and then out we go to begin our daily ranch chores where just about anything can happen on the way to the chicken coop!

My goal as an educator is to empower kids by way of experiential learning so that what they learn on the ranch can easily extend to life beyond the front gate!

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